GOD IS…Theology Proper-Week 2-Intro

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JPEG image-953362DC665F-1INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF GOD (THEOLOGY PROPER) part 2 — Everyone is a theologian in one sense or another because everyone has a view about God one way or another. The question is, “Are we good theologians or sloppy theologians. The answer will be determined by how well we embrace this particular study.The name and meaning of the word, “theology” comes from two Greek words, theòs – God and logia – study of. Therefore, theology is the study of God. However, there is a distinction between theology (systematic theology) and theology proper. Systematic Theology is the systematized study of the relationship of God with other Biblical studies (Christ, Holy Spirit, Church etc.). Theology Proper is the particular study of the revelation, existence, nature, names, and works of God. -Pastor Kevin Inman