January 2018

Contending For The Faith – Part 1 – Jude v3-4

The Bread of Life – John 6v22-71

Jesus Walks On Water – John 6v16-21

A Little Is A Lot – John 6v1-15

December 2017

What to Expect and How to Live in the Coming Days

The Story of Jesus – Philippians 2

Consequences of Rejecting Jesus The Christ – John 5v39-47

Four Witnesses to the Deity of Jesus Christ – John 5v30-39

A Higher Authority – John 5v19-29

October 2017

Reformation Sunday 10-29-17

The Impotence of Religion – John 5v1-18

The Ordinances Of The Church

September 2017

Looking For Jesus – John 4v43-54

Take Courage, It Is I – Mark 6v45-52

What To Do With Worry – Luke 12v22-34

August 2017

Pure Faith is Contagious Faith – John 4v27-42

Worship In Spirit And In Truth Part 2 – John 4v25-26

Worship In Spirit And In Truth Part 1 – John 4v23-24

July 2017

The Supremacy Of Jesus – John 3v31-36

June 2017

He Must Increase – John 3:22-30

Light or Darkness – John 3:18-21

The Marks of a Disciple – Love

Believe:The Basis For the New Birth, Part 2 – John 3:16-17

The Basis For the New Birth – John 3:14-15

May 2017

Here Is Your Sign – John 2:18-25