Side By Side

Side By Side: Walking with Others in Wisdom & Love
Edward T. Welch

Life is hard. We are all susceptible to unforeseen circumstances, and there are many: job or financial unknowns, our health, violence, discrimination, broken promises, etc… The list is endless.  Add to that the never-ending activity of our heart.  It guides our thoughts and actions as we interact with all our circumstances.  So, when our circumstances meet our busy heart, we begin to feel the weight of the burden.  Our pride kicks into overdrive and we suffer.

In his book, Side By Side, Ed Welch says we are needy, and “

the goal is to become transparent and humble friends who are at ease with our neediness. We see our hardships and sin, speak openly about them to the Lord, and are willing to ask others to pray for us”(p.65).


Uprooting Anger

Uprooting Anger:Biblical Help for a Common Problem
Robert D. Jones
Grandma was right. You’ve got to get the weeds by the roots, or they’ll just grow back. So too with deep-rooted anger. Moralistic efforts to be patient with your coworkers won’t cut it. Regret-riddled resolutions to stop yelling at your kids won’t last. You must rip out those angry roots.