Mega Sports camp

Mega Sports Camp will be back the summer of 2018 at…

Grace Point at Eagle Heights Church

Coming June, 2018, nightly from 6:00pm-8:30pm

This years theme: TEAM SPIRIT!

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Mega Sports Camp was wonderful last year!!!! We hope you and your children had as much fun as we did. Above that, we pray that they came to know that Jesus is real, relevant, and true to His word. He has provided us with the best playbook (the BIBLE) and the best strategy (salvation by grace alone thru faith alone in Jesus alone).


This Year’s Mega Theme: TEAM SPIRIT!

Everyone loves to get in the game, but do you know what it takes to get ready to play?
Find out this year at Mega Sports Camp!
MEGA Sports Camp Conquer the Day shows kids how to be superheroes through the choices they make every day in sports and in life. Through both sports stories and Bible stories about David, kids will discover how to:
  • practice with purpose,
  • listen to leaders,
  • remember to recharge,
  • compete with courage, and
  • skip the shortcuts.
Fun music, MEGA mascot, sports training, and relationship-building small groups round out a great way to introduce kids to a God who loves them.

This Year’s Mega Verse:

“In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” Romans 8:37

What is MEGA Sports Camp?

This church-led camp uses sports to introduce elementary kids to Jesus and help them develop godly character. Targets kids in first through sixth grade.

How does MEGA Sports Camp combine sports and Bible learning?

Kids sing songs, hear Bible stories, and see cool object lessons in Bible rallies, then join their Huddle Coaches to reinforce the day’s theme.



Sports Training

Every day kids go to three sessions to learn new skills. Choose from football, soccer, baseball/softball, volleyball, basketball, & cheerleading.

Coach Huddle Small Groups

A highlight for kids is connecting with their Huddle Coach for small group time.

Large Group Rallies

Everyone comes together three times during the day for fun songs, sports stories, interactive Bible stories, and response time. On day 4 we tell the kids about what Jesus has done for them! Jesus has taken care of our biggest problem:SIN!

Download the
and sign up now.