“Forever, O LORD, Your word is settled in heaven. Your faithfulness endures to all generations; You established the earth, and it abides. -Psalm 119:89-90


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Generations is our weekly Wednesday evening Bible study for ALL ages.  For general Generations information, click here.

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Week #1 (2-27-13) God’s Word is Our Foundation Notes       Answers Article: What is Presuppositional Apologetics?

Week #2 (3-6-13) Studying the Bible Notes                             Answers Article: Eisegesis!

Week #3 (3-13-13) God’s Word Guides Us Notes                   Answers Article: Bible Full of Errors?

Week #4 (3-20-13) God Preserves His Word Notes               Answers Article: Why 66?

Week #5 (3-27-13) God’s Word is Complete Notes               Answers Article: Look at the Canon

Week #6 (4-3-13) Don’t Change God’s Word Notes             Answers Article: A Different Gospel

Week #7 (4-10-13) Starting with Scripture Notes                Answers Article: Fool-Proof Apologetics

Week #8 (4-17-13) How Do I Know God Exists? Notes      Answers Article: Is There Really A God?  Big Bang & the Bible?

Week #9 (4-24-13) What Is God Like?                                 Answers Article: The Lord is a Great God and a Great King

Week #10 (5-1-13) The Trinity                                              Answers Article: God is Triune     The Trinity

Week #11 (5-8-13) 7 C’s of History

Week #12 (5-15-13) What is the Gospel?

Week #13 (5-22-13) Values of a Biblical Worldview


Wanna go deeper in your study?

Try these links out to further your studies about God’s Word:

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Is the Bible Truly God’s Word?

Has the Bible Been Written So Much That It Is Untrustworthy?

What is the Canon of Scripture?


Here are a few additional helps from Pastor Kevin:

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