Dealing with “Problem Passages”

Dealing with “Problem Passages”

Remember, our Lord Jesus Christ clearly stated that God’s Word is truth (John 17:17). 

There are no contradictions in the Bible, because God does not contradict Himself.  The problem is not with God and not with His Word, but with man and his faulty understanding.  Even when we do not have the answer, God does.

When there may seem to be contradictory statements and someone claims that the Bible contains errors, keep in mind that the burden of proof is on the critic.  Let the critic prove it. 

The Critic must:

  1. Show that the statement was in the original God-breathed text.
  2. Show that the translation he uses is absolutely correct.
  3. Show that his interpretation is the only possible one.
  4. Show that the present state of our knowledge, with respect to the passage, is final.
  5. Show that the task of reconciliation is impossible.


Remember, the words of our Lord, “The Scripture cannot be broken” (John 10:35) and “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away” (Matthew 24:35).